I paint diamond portraits — personal favorites & commissioned pieces. 

I graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute, and studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. I painted my first diamond — at 5 feet tall — in 2012 for a gallery exhibition about materialism & luxury. Inspired by their abstract patterns, I began collecting images of diamonds and speaking with gem cutters. Without any prior knowledge of gemology, I fell in love with their symmetrical patterns and began painting every shape, one by one. 


Engagement ring stones, patented cuts, and auction diamonds are my muses.

Originally a high school art teacher for 7 years, I quit in 2015 to pursue my art career. My work was discovered by the jewelry industry via instagram, and I was invited to paint at my first gem show in 2016. Now I spend every day doing what I love. I work with private clients and corporate companies worldwide who share a mutual appreciation for beautiful gems. 

angie crabtree forevermark paintings small.jpg

Each painting is comprised of several thin layers of color, and takes 2-3 months to complete.

Each layer takes 1-2 weeks to dry, so I rotate between 10-15 pieces at a time. Painted in oil on canvas, I use a classical glazing technique to create a stained-glass effect, reminiscent of 17th century royalty portraiture. The result is a photo-realistically painted diamond enlarged 1000+ times. Their large scale allows viewers to experience the small, beautiful gems in an up-close and personal way.


Watch behind-the-scenes at Angie Crabtree Studio

Chopard's "Queen of Kalahari" Diamonds painted by artist Angie Crabtree



2017    Queen of Kalahari Diamonds, Chopard, New York, NY
            Black Label Diamonds, Forevermark Forum, Boca Raton, FL
2016    Black Label Launch, Private Location, New York, NY
            LeadHERS, Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, NY
            Live Painting, GJX Gem & Jewelry Show, Tucson, AZ
2015    Dream in Color, Prince Gallery, Petaluma, CA
            Twofold, The Good Hop, Oakland, CA
2014     DE-LUXE: Deconstructing Luxury, Corner Store Collective, Santa Rosa, CA
             Face to Face, The Port, Oakland, CA
             Gold Standard Pop-Up, Gold & Gifted, Berkeley, CA
             What Teachers Create, AI Gallery, San Francisco, CA
             First Fridays, Terminus Gallery, Oakland, CA
2013     What Teachers Create, AI Gallery, San Francisco, CA
             The American Dream, Density, San Francisco, CA
2012     Living the Dream, Studio 17 Gallery, San Francisco, CA
             Toyed With, Open Shutter Gallery, Durango, CO
             Eye of the Beholder, Root Division, San Francisco, CA
             The Nature of Icons, Andalu, San Francisco, CA
2011      4th Annual Juried Plastic Camera Show, Rayko, San Francisco, CA
2010     Sideshow Happening, Root Division, San Francisco, CA
             Works That Disturb the Moonlight, Alphonse Berber Gallery, Berkeley, CA
2009    Opening Show, Alphonse Berber Gallery, Berkeley, CA
             For the Gold, Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, CA   
             Emerging Artists, Geras Tousignant, San Francisco, CA
             Donation Show, Ever Gold Gallery, San Francisco, CA
             XOXO, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2008    Girlfriends Part Duh, Blank Space Gallery, Oakland, CA
2007    Suite Jesus, 111 Minna, San Francisco, CA
            New Works, 1710 Coffee, Santa Rosa, CA
            Photography, Anubis Warpus, San Francisco, CA
            Group Show, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2006   Brett-Cook Show, Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA
2005    Students of Charles Becker, Flourish Gallery, Healdsburg, CA


2009        BFA in Painting, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
2008        Study Abroad, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
2006        Liberal Arts, Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA
2005        Visual Fine Arts, ArtQuest, Santa Rosa High School, CA
2004        Early College Program, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL
2003        Apprenticeship, Charles Becker, Santa Rosa, CA



2014 - 2015     Art Instructor, Kala Art Institute, Berkeley, CA
2010 - 2015     Art Instructor, Woodside International High, San Francisco, CA
2010 - 2012     Art Instructor, Root Division, San Francisco, CA
2010 - 2012     Artist-In-Residence, Leap, San Francisco, CA
2009 - 2012    Artist-In-Residence, SFArtsED, San Francisco, CA
2009 - 2012    Advanced Painting Instructor - Santa Rosa Arts Charter, CA
2009 - 2010    Art Instructor, Artworks Fine Art Studio, San Francisco, CA
1999 - 2005    Art Instructor, S&G Studios, Rohnert Park, CA