Angie Crabtree creates portraits of
diamonds in oil on canvas.

They take 3 - 6 months to complete,
& are sometimes offered to the
public as limited-edition prints.

I was trained to paint photo-realistically, but I’ve always loved abstract art.
Painting diamonds is my happy medium.
— Angie Crabtree

Each painting begins with a gem...

Every diamond is professionally photographed, then hand-sketched onto a custom built panel or canvas. 

I study every facet of the gem to create an elaborate portrait at 1,000+ it's original size. 


Each facet is blended with handmade oil paint.

To ensure the portrait's accuracy, I analyze the brilliance, reflections and colors of the stone.

I work with a color palette that combines both my vision, and my client's. My techniques create an illusion of sparkle, similar to the real thing.



Each painting takes 

up to 200 hours to complete.

After applying the base coat, I paint every facet one by one, in multiple layers. Each layer takes 1-2 weeks to dry.

I share in-progress photos to help my clients understand the process of capturing a diamond's beauty, colors, and light refraction down to the smallest detail. 

The diamond portraits are named after their owners.

The finished work of art allows us to appreciate the beauty of the diamond in a new way.

Diamonds are symbolic of nature and romance ― now they are turned into a timeless work of art with a unique story.



Watch behind-the-scenes at Angie Crabtree Studio